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9/9/10 Crossing the Blood Line

With great anticipation people poured into service on Thursday, 9/9/10, as the Rock Churches came together to Celebrate the 9 year Anniversary of the Prophetic Words that propelled our Ministry into a barrage of Miracles, Signs and Wonders.  The air was charged with Promise, Power and Prophetic unction. From New York to Orlando;  all across the land, the excitement could be felt. The 40th day of our church wide fast, fell on the same day as the Celebration of the New Year in the bible; the first part of the three-part celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles.  The last and most high Holy Feast of the Lord. This feast is also known as the Feast of  Trumpets (evangelism).  Get ready everyone, the Calvary is Coming, and you are the Lord’s army.

The Lord promised to outdo himself, to keep us, guide us, protect us, provide and prosper us like never before. Pastor Marnie in New York had a vision, in which she saw the finger of God, draw a line (with the Blood of Jesus) of demarcation across the church.  The Lord asked  us to cross over the line of demarcation under the Blood of Christ, and enter into a New Beginning.  And from the North to the South, God spoke the same things over and over as a Sign of Divine Confirmation. Get ready, we are entering into a downpour of God’s Mighty Anointing and Power to Save.

A lady who had two tumors was prayed for at the Queens church.  When she went back to the doctor on Wednesday, one of the tumors had disappeared.  Then she went back on Thursday 9/9 and the second tumor was  gone, as well.  At the Orlando church, a lady came to the altar for healing. She said that for 40 years she had suffered with aches and pains all over her body.  After service, she noticed that for the first time in 40 years all of the pain was gone!  She left service leaping. There were many others, each one just as staggering as the next.

We have gloriously entered into the Golden Age of the Church.  Saviors have been loosed on the earth by the Holy Spirit, and our churches are ready to Rock It.  Happy New Year everyone!

September 11th, 2010 — 5:42pm

On Launching Deeper

Everything about this story is fascinating! It is a telling story of the human psyche.  Jesus comes to borrow Peter’s boat.   This is the boat he just finished fishing with.  The whole night of fishing was a failure.  Peter caught nothing.  Peter and the other fishermen begin to wash their nets.  Basically, they are all washed up!  Jesus calmly says to Peter, ”  Why don’t you go out again, and let down your nets for a huge catch?”

What? Are you serious?  And why would an experienced fisherman take advice from a carpenter?  And why say this now? After he has worked so hard all night long!   You know the story, Peter goes out again, and this time he catches so many fish, he has to ask for help, breaks the nets and almost sinks the ship!

What is this all about?  An authoritative, proclaiming Word from God! I believe there was a silent desperate cry in Peter.  One that could no longer stand the failure of lifelong toil with nothing to show for it.  Little did he know, that Jesus’ words had set something in motion that was about to blow his mind. Imagine his astonishment and shock when he, in the same boat, same lake, same nets, same fishermen, begins to see the waters turbulently stirring.  The moving of the waters start thrashing the boat.  The waters vibrate and rumble from under the surface and suddenly the fish violently rush his net.  Leaping in, hurling themselves into the boat, crashing into the sides of the boat and storming the nets so ferociously they break the nets and almost sink the boat!  Everything is happening so fast all he can do is cry out for help, working furiously trying to keep up with the bounty that was overtaking him.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think Jesus’ words proceeded him.  But they did!  Ask God to open your eyes, your ears and your understanding!  (Even if you think they are already opened.  Our knowledge of God is a never ending progression!). And when we connect with the Holy Spirit we can hear the Authoritative Proclaiming Word of God.  Hear and just do it.  You may be surprised at the results!  From the moment he stepped back into that boat, the seas started rumbling with promise.

We must get back in the boat, hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and start rowing!  Do not worry how God will do it,  just start rowing!  Take some extra nets and boats with you too.  If you failed try again; if you fell, get up again. Start over. Launch deeper.

I hear a rumbling of the waters.

September 7th, 2010 — 12:51pm


From today forward there are nine days left in our 40 days of fasting and prayer.  Nine days left.  The 40th day is on 9/9/10.  We are determined to double up on our prayer time and push as hard as we can to engage the Holy Spirit like never before.  The Holy Spirit is an agent of Change.  The bible says that God will send the former and the latter rain combined.  I believe that God is sending such an avalanche of power, that it will be the Power of the Latter Church, combined with the Power of the Former Church.  The Old Testament power, combined with the Power of the New Testament church in the book of Acts.  The result: A Changed Church so powerful and reformed, that the world will be overtaken the way an Avalanche overtakes everything in its path.

As individuals we can choose to take a quantum leap forward;  forsake mediocrity, fear, the past, what people have said about us, and even our own insecurities.  It is time to Engage the Holy Spirit.  It was the Holy Spirit that brought order to a chaotic world.  It was the Holy Spirit that came upon a virgin girl and caused her to conceive the Holy Babe Jesus.  It was the Holy Spirit that emboldened men like Moses, David, Elijah, Gideon, and Elisha; women like Deborah, Esther, and Jael.  It was the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the depth of Sheol,  in bodily form, and it was the Holy Spirit that fell on 120 men and caused them to change their world. Common people became power-filled Dynamos!

There is an Avalanche of believers out there that is hearing the clarion call of the Lord.  Even now, they are gathering like eagles everywhere, all over the world;  preparing for a spiritual onslaught on evil, sickness and oppression.  The world has never seen anything like this; This is the Golden Age of the Church.  Engage the Holy Spirit and be a part of it!  The Former Reign and the Latter Reign Combined…The New Testament Church as God intended it, is about to be revealed.

September 4th, 2010 — 6:23pm

Back at the Well…

I think about the woman at the well often.   What was her life like; was she lonely, was she an outcast, poor, angry, bitter? Did she pretend to accept her lot in life, convincing herself that she was OK? What was her name?  Is there a little bit of her in all of us?

She was thirsty.  Her thirst took her to the well, again and again.  How many times did she drink from this very same well? Always drinking, never fulfilled; until she meets Jesus! He sits right on the well, so she has no choice but to acknowledge him. “Give me a drink,” He asks.  “What a nerve this man has; asking me, a Samaritan woman for a drink, when he very well knows that Samaritans and Jews do not even speak to each other,” or so she thinks. The story is so beautiful because a hungry, road-weary Jesus insists on this life changing meeting, and she is totally unaware of what is about to happen to her.

He says, “If you knew who I am, you would ask me, and I would give you Living Water.”   If she knew, but she did not know.  She was an empty vessel; no matter how much she toiled at that well.  Can you believe it?!  She is standing in front of the answer to all of her issues, and does not even know it.   If we knew who He is, we would ask.  If we knew, we would pray, we would worship, we would listen, we would follow.  How much do we yet not know? How scary is that?. Jesus is forever compelled to fill the empty, and satisfy the thirsty.

Follow her journey to revelation, from a defiant, “why are you intruding in my life”; to a respectful, “Sir, who are you?”; to a prayerful request, “please give me of this water”; to a declaration, “you must be a prophet!”; to  worship, “you are the Messiah”!   Jesus (the Spirit and Truth) filled her, and became within her that WellSpring of Worship, just as he had promised.  Liberating, healing worship. At the end Jesus is no longer hungry, and she is no longer thirsty.

“Blessed are those who do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled”. Matthew 5:6.

Hungry? Thirsty?  Got Jesus?

October 3rd, 2009 — 3:37pm

09/09/09 The Line is Drawn

As this day draws to a close, it is the beginning of a new reign.  There will not be a single digit triple date again until the next millennium (the year 3001)  Can u imagine!  First the natural then the spiritual.  There is a line of demarcation being drawn in the spirit.  God is supernaturally empowering us to overcome our weaknesses, and in areas where we have not been successful in the past, we will be successful now.  God wants all of us to be prophetic.  The power of life and death are in the tongue (in what you say!).  From today forward say (confess) only the things you want to see happen in your life, not the things that may surround you, or what you anticipate may happen.  Step into the miraculous world of God’s Mighty Word.  On 09/09/01 our church received a prophetic word that we,  ”the homeless church that fed the homeless” (as we were then known), would have our very own church building. The building would be a magnificent theater building, and that we would have it within 30 to 60 days.  Well, on the 60th day from that date we signed the contract for what is our present day Church and Headquarters in Queens, New York.  The magnificent former Elmwood Theater became our church home, just as the Lord had said.  That same day God said, there is another building bigger than the first, you will have that one also very soon.  Within four months we were standing at the door step of the Orlando Rock Church Arena.  We  had our anniversary services tonight simultaneously in these facilities.  Oh, by the way The Lord has added other buildings along the way.  The prophetic realm is as Limitless as the God we serve.  He gives the gifts that keep on Giving!

Never doubt the power of God  to deliver on his promise.  The Lord is his very Word, and he cannot lie nor deny himself.  Make a Vow to God that from today forward, no matter what your circumstance, or prior success rate, you will only speak those things into existence that you are believing God for.  Those things that are not possible without the Holy intervention of our Savior.  And just like the Rock Church edifices that we have been graced with, your life will Magnify the Lord, and demonstrate that “with God All things are truly possible”.  Step across the line of demarcation tonight.  Your Destiny awaits you. Ninety Nite.

September 9th, 2009 — 11:00pm

Reign of Fire

A few nights ago, the earth went through a meteor shower.  Hundreds of meteors per hour entered our atmosphere, they lit and burned as they streamed across the night sky.  It looked like Fire Rain. The best  way to have seen this amazing sight was to lay on your back outside, staring into the  sky from about 11pm to 5am.  Sometime during the night the rain began and the sight looked like fiery streams of light shooting across the night; hundreds per hour.  Can you imagine? Fire Rain! Now, we had quite a season of rain during the last few months, but this took it to another level.  The Bible says to ask for rain in the time of rain, but what do you ask for in the time of Fire Rain?  A Reign of Fire?

The Bible says that we are to rule and reign in this world, in this life. This is my prayer on a daily basis, God please, open our eyes, our ears and our understanding.  Cause us to know You and the Power of your resurrection. Let us be sensitive to the signs and wonders around us. God commanded Adam to take dominion.  He failed.  God then sent in Jesus, his “clutch” player to save the game (The Last Adam, and the only Adam we will ever need), and to restore us to our first estate of authority. People struggle with character flaws, weaknesses, failures, addictions, phobias, insecurities, the list  can go on and on.  The Lord never intended for our lives to be a roller coaster ride out of control. Sometimes up, sometimes down. If we can set our lives on a fiery course and stay on it, Dominion will come.  John the Baptist said, ” I baptize you with water, but the One who comes after me will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire.”  The time is now; to kindle a fiery hunger to know God’s truth. If God is God, and He is, then let’s get delivered now, let’s get healed now, let’s get excited about doing what we were created to do NOW! Fire rages, consumes, engulfs, dominates, it’s hungry!, never satisfied, untouchable, radiant, and causes irrevocable chemical change!  ”Ask and you shall receive.” The time is now.  Do not miss your day of visitation.  It’s Fire raining, ask God for a Reign of Fire! Take it to another Level. “Scotty, beam me up!!!…Now!”

“God is more Eager to answer, than we are to ask.”  Smith Wigglesworth

September 4th, 2009 — 7:40am

Over Easy

In the world we live in, it becomes increasingly easier to become a loner, a one planed individual.  We have ipods, headphones, mp3 players, plasma TVs, cell phones, video games, computers, and the list goes on; we can lose ourselves in these worlds for hours, days, decades… all alone. There are strangers we cannot trust, people who have lied or deceived us, and every sorry excuse in the world for us not to reach out to others! Here is a good one. I am just sooo Busy!

I often think of the paralytic that was carried by four men, lowered through a roof, so that he could get in front of Jesus and receive a healing miracle. Those were real friends. Sometimes we need a” little help from our friends” to get over a situation.  However, we can get accustomed to doing things on our own, when we were never designed to operate alone.

Jesus sent his disciples out two by two for a reason.  He made Adam and said it is not good for man to be alone.  Let us make him a companion, a friend, and Eve was created. Then God said, now THIS is Good!

Come out to play, liberate your options.  Jesus’ idea of friendship was so much deeper than ours.  He believed “My life for yours”, and he proved it. When you are facing a tough decision, maybe some anxious moments, something caught you off guard; there is One who has always been there for you, a true friend indeed. Jesus is someone who loves you as you are and knows you better than you know yourself. He can be found in the community of Believers called “The Church”, where we all come together to love and be loved, and to serve and be served.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes just to get over the crest of a mountain.  God’s arms are not too short to lift you up, and get you over, easy! Come home, we left the Light on for you.

August 18th, 2009 — 10:48pm

Over the Rainbow

As we exited off of the highway, we spotted the most magnificent rainbow ever.  It was majestic;  in full spectrum, and we could see the entire bow from end to end.  It was breathtaking!  And the more we chased it, the more brilliant it became.  The clouds got brighter and brighter,  the day got clearer and the rainbow more defined.  And then! Another rainbow appeared right next to it! A double portion, a double blessing! It felt as though we were entering  a portal of light; we were leaving this earthly realm and entering into something celestial and new; an experience we have never had before.

God sends us signs, miracles and wonders in the heavens.  Sometimes we are so close to them, or we analyze them so much, that they no longer fascinate us.  We may know what causes refracted light to burst into a rainbow, but why was a rainbow created in the first place?

The shock waves to our economy are being felt all around the world, and people everywhere are experiencing a feeling of loss.  Meanwhile,  there is an answer.  The answer is not found within the realm that created the problem in the first place.  The answer lies over the rainbows, where covenant was born, where God is pleased to dwell.  We can go there.

I believe that God is calling us to a walk with Him that is over and above the natural; a higher plane of faith, a higher revelation of the power of prayer, a more intimate relationship.  Elijah,the  prophet that bestowed the Double portion anointing on Elisha, was taken up into heaven, alive on a chariot of fire! He transcended the heavens in bodily form.  Philip was translated, Paul saw the third Heaven, Jacob saw angels ascending and descending, and Elijah called down fire from heaven and got it!

With the world in its present condition, and the forecasters of doom in full manifestation, we need to reach God in a new and living way.  David called it; deep calling unto deep.  God is calling from the depth of who He is, so that we can respond from the depth of who we are.  Take it to another level!

August 12th, 2009 — 10:43am

Au’ gust (accent on the gust!) The Turning Point.

Au’ gust:  inspiring reverence or admiration, of supreme dignity or grandeur, majestic:  an august performance of a religious drama.  Venerable; eminent, an august personage.

The month of August will never be the same to me.  On August 1st, we were sitting in a meeting and we just felt and knew that something with us and around us had profoundly changed.  Later on that day, someone twittered a very novel thing.  I had not heard of this before.  August 1st is the ancient Celtic celebration of The Harvest.  It is called Lughnasadgh.  They say that Lugh was the god of the harvest (as in god Lugh) and so this is where the expression good luck came from. Well, here it is; we have been granted God Luck by an August Savior that is able to bestow on us a Glory that He, AND ONLY HE  earned on the cross of Calvary.

Number 8, is the number of new beginnings.

Putting it all together: August 1st marked a turning point in our lives.  You can feel it in your soul, and in your spirit.  An August wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing on us; the Majestic One has shown up for you, and all of the your years of sowing are about to become the harvest you have always cried for, believed for, prayed and fasted for, yearned for and dreamed of.  This the is time of New Beginnings.  Think it not strange  when you experience God Luck (unmerited favor and blessings). You might say to me, well that is not a Christian holiday, so how can this be?  Mary was a virgin, Lazarus was dead, and we were a people who were Not. When God shows up anything can happen!  The Lord of the Harvest is Here!

August 2nd, 2009 — 7:25pm

The Time Traveler

Abraham is called the Father of Faith; after all, fathering a child at 100 years of age is quite a feat of faith.  But I believe Abraham like us, had many facets to his faith.  When Abraham had trouble grasping all of what God was promising him,  he accepted an invitation to “step outside” and  look up.  He saw something glorious.  Under the canopy of the night, he saw stars.  Bright shining suns numbering in the billions, strewn across the heavens. God said, this is what I meant about the multiplicity of your seed.  Through the prophetic eyes of God, Abraham traveled through time and saw “the  church”, as we are today.  He saw billions of Believers lit by the Holy Spirit.  He saw clusters and galaxies of churches, with evangelism burning bright.  He saw Our Day.  This is Our Day to shine!

Step out into the night tonight, and pray outside.  Sit under the stars like Abraham did and talk to your Maker.  Pray without a ceiling over your head, (no limits),  pray with your face to heaven (be bold),  pray with your eyes on the future (be prophetic) , be a Time Traveler like Abraham.  Isn’t it funny that we measure celestial distances in Light Years.  The Lord said , I am the Light, and that 1000 years is like a day, and a day is like 1000 years.  The Lord can bring visions and dreams that seem light years away from you within your grasp in an instant. Time Travel. Go there, use every ounce of prophetic juice in your body to step into the Miraculous world of God. See what Abraham saw.  He saw The Golden Age of the Church.  This is That!

God promises; “And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing;  and I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you; and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12: 2,3.

Enlighten some one’s path to Jesus Christ, and God will bless you as you bless others.

Now, are you up for a Good Fight?  Let’s “step outside”, and fight the Good Fight of Faith. To Infinity and Beyond!…..

August 1st, 2009 — 4:22pm

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